Marmarabirlik was established on 28 June 1954 as a Union of Agricultural Sales Cooperative (UASC), cultivation, harvesting, and marketing of olives with mutual assistance and cooperation of the region’s olive farmers. Today, the working area extends from around Iznik Lake to the south coast of Marmara Sea then Mürefte, a total of eight member cooperatives that have evolved into a union.

It is the largest olive producer in Turkey by its purchasing, processing, and sales capacity. The company has a capacity of 30,000 tons of olive purchasing, processing, and sales each year. Marmarabirlik has ranked as 345th company with its annual turnover among the list of largest 500 industrial establishments in Turkey, organized by Istanbul Chamber of, it also has ranked 41st largest company in the province of Bursa, organized by Bursa Chamber of Industry. In addition, Marmarabirlik has 28,500 members consisting of olive farmers.

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