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Brand la fiammante
Country of Origin Italy


“La Fiammante Pacchetelle Gialle are Italian yellow tomatoes that have been sliced into halves and preserved in a jar. These yellow tomatoes are strictly non-GMO and harvested at full maturity to ensure the best quality.

✅ Kosher
✅ GMO Free”


Ideal for fish dishes, pasta sauces, or as a pizza topping. The yellow tomato has a sweeter taste than the red tomato, so be sure to use this pacchetelle in dishes with complimentary flavor profiles.


Unit of measure Piece
Weight/unit 1 kg
Packaging Jar
Number of units/carton 6

ABOUT THE BRAND: la fiammante

La Fiammante is one of the major brands in Italy, manufactured by S.p.A. group, a leader in the production of canned food that has over 50 years of experience. La Fiammante is a leading brand of canned tomatoes, manufactured with carefully selected raw materials, modern facilities, and strict quality standards. It works closely with farmers and commits to protecting the rights and dignity of the workers. It chooses Italian tomatoes only, and constantly monitors the land cultivation along with the quality of the irrigation water and the state of health of both plants and fruits. It respects the national and ... uses integrated pest management in order to reduce the use of pesticides. Tomatoes are harvested mechanically and are canned using traditional methods within a few hours.

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