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Brand grand’or
Country of Origin The Netherlands


“The UHT Whipping cream with 35% fat is suitable for all requirements in the kitchen. It brings together ideal cooking properties and outstanding foamability. Whether as whipped cream for serving cakes and desserts or as cooking cream in sweet and savoury dishes – Grand’Or’s UHT cream (35%) refines every dish with its delicate, creamy taste.

✅ Keep Chilled


Whip into luscious peaks for all your cake and pie dolloping needs. It’s also rich enough that it won’t curdle when heated in soups and sauces. It’s nearly identical to heavy cream, so if a recipe calls for heavy cream and you can only find whipping cream, feel free to use this instead.


Milk variety Cow's Milk
Unit of measure Piece
Weight/unit 1 lit
Packaging Tetra Pack
Number of units/carton 12


Grand’Or is an authentic line of Dutch Edam, Gouda and Emmental produced in the Netherlands. In addition to the Dutch cheese in the Grand’Or line, an extensive range of other European cheeses is also available: from the Danish blue-cheese Danablue, to the well-known French Brie or Gruyere, or the Italian Parmesan and English Cheddar. Grand’or includes the most popular cheese and dairy products but also provides you with the lesser-known, but equally tasty, types. Within its range, Grand’Or offers various quality levels from different countries. This ensures that customers have an abundant selection. All the various types within the Grand’Or ... pes within the Grand’Or range are, of course, produced and controlled under strict supervision.

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