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Brand carchelejo s.l.
Country of Origin Spain


“Carchelejo’s summer dry-cured sausage is defined by its ruby red color and classic summer sausage taste — slightly tangy, peppery, and sharp. The traditional combination of mustard seed, black pepper, and garlic is mixed with pork and hang-dried to intensify the flavor.

✅ Gluten-free
✅ Keep Chilled”


Great on its own, part of a charcuterie board, but even better in a sandwich. Make sure to use neutral-tasting but fatty cheeses to compliment the pungency of the salame.


Type of charcuterie Sausage
Meat variety Pork
Unit of measure kg
Weight/unit 1.6 kg
Packaging Vacuum Pack
Number of units/carton 2 Pieces

ABOUT THE BRAND: carchelejo s.l.

Embutidos Carchelejo S.L. is a family business located in Andalusia with more than 50 years history.  Located in the municipality of Carchelejo in the province of Jaén, this town belongs to the region of “Sierra Mágina”, which has one of the largest natural parks in Spain. It is available in 20 countries.  It has quality certificates by Bureau Veritas Internacional ISO 9001 – 2000, HACCP, BRC IFS, Gluten Free and other control systems. ...

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