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Country of Origin United Kingdom


“Nairn’s award-winning ROUGH OATCAKES are seriously oaty, so it’s no surprise that they’re the UK’s Number 1 branded oatcake and our best seller. Deliciously packed full of coarse, wholegrain oats, they’re high in soluble and insoluble fiber. Not only that, but they are full of complex carbohydrates and rich in vitamins and minerals giving you a wholesome boost to help you get the most out of your day.

✅ Made with whole grain oats⁠
✅ High fiber⁠
✅ Suitable for vegetarians⁠
✅ NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives⁠
✅ NO added sugar (contains only naturally occurring sugars)⁠
✅ NO GM ingredients⁠
✅ NO hydrogenated fats⁠”


Perfect as a blank canvas for your favourite topping, as an accompaniment to soup or on the side of a salad they are a versatile staple every store cupboard should have!⁠


Unit of measure Piece
Weight/unit 291 g
Packaging Box
Number of units/carton 10


Nairn’s has been baking since 1896 when John and Sarah Nairn first opened their bakery in Strathaven, Lanarkshire. Since then, its range and team have grown. At its two Edinburgh bakeries, they have a devoted team, sometimes spanning generations of local families, all proud and careful guardians of our recipes, mixing techniques, and ever-growing range. Today, Nairn’s is the largest producer of oatcakes in the UK, one of the UK’s leading and most trusted gluten-free brands, and our range is exported to over 30 countries. Whether your favourite is a super seeded or stem ginger you won’t have to go ... an.

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