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Brand latteria soresina
Country of Origin Italy


“One of the best-known cheeses in the world with a superbly rich, nutty, and almost fruity flavour. Aged for 18 months it adds depth of flavour and richness to any number of dishes.

✅ GMO Free
✅ Keep Chilled”


Parmigiano Reggiano can be shaved or grated over dishes such as pasta, risottos, and soups. It adds complexity to sauces and can even be added to braised dishes, such as stews and casseroles. It’s a popular cheese on the cheeseboard too, pairing with fruit.


Type of cheese Hard
Milk variety Cow's Milk
Unit of measure kg
Weight/unit Approx 350 g
Packaging Vacuum-packed Wedge
Number of units/carton 20 Wedges

ABOUT THE BRAND: latteria soresina

Latteria Soresina was founded in 1900 as a cooperative for processing the milk produced by its members and in response to the pressing need to forge a solid union between farmers and milk producers. This inseparable bond has led to the company becoming one of the main players in the processing and sale of this product. Latteria Soresina only processes milk produced by the 48,000 cows located in stables around the dairies), which contributes to ensuring a high quality of the milk issued and a precise and constant monitoring of the entire supply chain, from terrain to table. Today, Latteria ... ucer of the famous Grana Padano and holds pole positions for other Italian excellences, such as butter and Provolone cheese, having long been established as a prestigious brand within its sector.

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