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Brand lanzarini
Country of Origin Italy


“An emulsified sausage composed of cured pork with at least 15% pork fat cubes and spiced with black pepper and myrtle berries. The extra fat content gives mortadella its signature white “”polka dot”” look.

✅ Keep Chilled”


Ideal on a charcuterie board with other meats, cheeses, fruit, bread, and condiments like mustard. Mortadella is delicious in a cold sandwich or hot panini, and it makes a nice addition to cheesy pasta dishes or stuffed into ravioli or tortellini. Some Italian meatball recipes call for mortadella for an extra-flavorful savory addition. It can…


Type of charcuterie Mortadella
Meat variety Pork
Unit of measure kg
Weight/unit 700 g
Packaging Vacuum Pack
Number of units/carton 22 Pieces

ABOUT THE BRAND: lanzarini

Salumificio Lanzarini was founded in 1927. It is located in San Lazzaro, a fraction of Bassano del Grappa, a city famous throughout the world for its historical beauties and for the famous ""Ponte degli Alpini"" on the Brenta river. It has certified quality systems in accordance with the standards UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, GSFS and IFS, no GMO. Today, the company continues to preserve the age-old art of meat curing through its exceptionally flavored and beautifully presented products, with quality assured by the guarantees and controls of modern technology. It is available in 30 different countries, worldwide. ...

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