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Brand spartan treasure
Country of Origin Greece


Jumbo Kalamata olives with a rich, smoky flavor and a meaty texture. Conveniently packed in glass jars with brine, which helps preserve their freshness and adds a salty tang to the olives.


Add a few to salads, sauces, pasta, or blend with olive oil and herbs to create a tapenade for dips or spreads.


Uom Piece
Weight/unit 200 g
Packaging Jar
Number of units/carton 6 Jars

ABOUT THE BRAND: spartan treasure

Since 1930, Spartan Treasure is actively engaged in the production, processing, standardization, and exportation of the world-renowned Kalamata Olives. They run private production facilities in Peania, Greece. Their olive groves are situated in the mountainous regions of Sparti, where the cultivation of olive trees started many centuries ago. In their facilities, they apply modern technologies in the fields of processing and machinery, as well as long experience in the olive production sector. ...

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