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Brand brescialat
Country of Origin Italy


“Gorgonzola has become so popular worldwide that almost 5 million wheels are produced each year. Made from cow’s milk, it is delicious on its own or added to any number of cooked dishes.

✅ Gluten-Free
✅ GMO Free
✅ Keep Chilled”


The powerful but delectable flavour of Gorgonzola is a great match with fruit, such as figs, pears, apples, kiwis, and strawberries, as well as dried fruits. It’s also wonderful stirred through creamy pasta sauces.


Type of cheese Blue
Milk variety Cow's Milk
Unit of measure kg
Weight/unit Approx 1.5 kg
Packaging Foil-wrapped Wedge
Number of units/carton 4 Wedges

ABOUT THE BRAND: brescialat

Established in 1900 at Chiari, Brescialat SPA is one of the well-renowned dairy companies in Italy. Decades of experience, tradition, cooperation with 100% Italian milk suppliers, and passion for Italian cheeses enabled them to produce quality cheese on an industrial scale. The dairy products of Brescialat Spa are chosen by restaurants and pizza makers worldwide who prioritize the quality and authentic taste of Italian cuisine. ...

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