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Brand le chevre
Country of Origin Spain


“A mild goat’s cheese with a slightly sharp flavour, typical of goat’s milk. The cheese can be served at room temperature on a cheese board with fruit and nuts or used on pizza and gratin dishes.

✅ Keep Chilled”


Goat’s cheese can be used on pizza, salads, grilled dishes such as gratins and sandwiches. It is also delicious crumbled into grilled vegetables with a little olive oil.


Type of cheese Soft
Milk variety Goat's Milk
Unit of measure Piece
Weight/unit 100 g
Packaging Heat-sealed Tray
Number of units/carton 8

ABOUT THE BRAND: le chevre

Goat cheese has been gaining popularity for years. This is partly due to the health benefits of goat’s milk. Goat cheese is whiter in color compared to cheese made from cow’s milk. In addition, goat’s milk is easily digestible and contains many healthy proteins and minerals. With Le Chevre, you are assured of the best of the best when it comes to goat cheese. Like Gouda cheese from cow’s milk, with Le Chevre we offer a range of semi-hard goat cheese of different maturity levels. A mild, soft taste or a robust, matured goat cheese, is all possible with Le ... we love surprising you with our special range of tasty ingredients like honey or herbs! With all its shapes and full flavors, Le Chevre offers the best that goat cheese has to offer and that is a lot!

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