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Brand kaijin
Country of Origin Japan


Huge flash-frozen oysters are imported seasonally from Miyagi or Hyogo Japan where oysters are designated as fit for raw consumption Miyagi and Hyogo Perfecture seas are rich in nutrients, and it takes about a year for the top-class oysters to grow to an ideal size. These huge plump oysters are approximately 4 inches or slightly longer in length and are suitable for a tasty mouthful of morsel. The taste is deliciously sweet and sea fresh. You can’t help but eat more!


“When eaten raw, squeeze just a little lemon on top to hold back the natural bite of the oyster’s taste. Also great for oyster omelette, mee sua and oyster cake. Keep frozen until ready to consume. Do not re-freeze. Defrost in the refrigerator overnight. Keep chilled before consumption. ”


Unit of measure Piece
Weight/unit Approx 100 g to 150 g
Packaging Vacuum Pack


Established in 1992, the Poseidon Group contributes to the global food business, mainly from Japan, to meet the needs of Japanese ingredients around the world with a global group network and a deep understanding of Japanese food. Kaijin Trading plays a major role as the base of the Poseidon Group in Asia, and supplies carefully selected Japanese ingredients and food business projects centered on tuna and Japanese beef to its worldwide network. In addition, in order to meet the needs of our customers, they make full use of their abundant knowledge and information, spread networks inside and outside Japan, and ... embody them.

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