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Brand grand’or
Country of Origin The Netherlands


“A slightly softer Fontina cheese with a nutty flavour and almost sweet aftertaste. With great melting quality, it is very versatile in the kitchen.

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Fontina Fontal has its own nutty, savouriness and is a great addition to any cheese board with bread and crackers. It enriches stews and casseroles and can be grated over pizza and pasta dishes.


Type of cheese Semi-soft
Milk variety Cow's Milk
Unit of measure kg
Weight/unit Approx 11 kg wheel or 3 to 4 kg wedge
Packaging Wheel or Vacuum-packed Wedge
Number of units/carton 1 Wheel or Wedge


Grand’Or is an authentic line of Dutch Edam, Gouda and Emmental produced in the Netherlands. In addition to the Dutch cheese in the Grand’Or line, an extensive range of other European cheeses is also available: from the Danish blue-cheese Danablue, to the well-known French Brie or Gruyere, or the Italian Parmesan and English Cheddar. Grand’or includes the most popular cheese and dairy products but also provides you with the lesser-known, but equally tasty, types. Within its range, Grand’Or offers various quality levels from different countries. This ensures that customers have an abundant selection. All the various types within the Grand’Or ... pes within the Grand’Or range are, of course, produced and controlled under strict supervision.

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