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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1915 750ml

Brand Taris
Country of Origin Turkey


“Taris 1915 Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unique with its stunning golden-green color and unmistakable, authentic taste with a smooth, slightly fruity flavor with moderate bitterness and pungency. The acidity is 0.8% maximum.

✅ HALAL Certified”


If you’re looking for a slightly fruity flavor, this ingredient provides a moderately bitter and deliciously pungent taste to your meals and salads. It makes an excellent addition to salads, marinades & dressings as it harmoniously blends in and complements the flavors.


Uom Piece
Weight/unit 750 ml
Packaging Bottle
Number of units/carton 12


Taris, Taris invites produces olive oil from North and South Aegian regions that are known for their unique features. The flavour of Taris’ variety of olive oil varies according to the region where they come from. Taris has geographical certification issued by the Turkish Patent & Trademark Department to recognize their authenticity and area of origin. ...

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