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Brand John Dee
Country of Origin Australia


“With Marble Scores 0 to 1, the Premium grade is just that – a premium grass-fed animal carefully selected from John Dee’s own cattle and the leading producers from the Southern Highlands-Darling Downs. This results in a clean, sweet flavoured beef all because of the superb pastures these cattle graze on. John Dee’s only grass-fed brand, with only the best quality applied.

✅ HALAL Certified”


Oven-roast • Braise/Stew • Grill


Marble score 0 to 1
Carcass weight 280 kg to 380 kg
Dentition 0 to 6 Teeth
Meat color 0 to 6 Teeth
Fat colour 0 to 4
Unit of measure kg
Packaging Vacuum Pack


Since 1939, the Hart family has established a reputation for quality and service in the beef processing industry. With four generations of experience, it has operated for 75 years and is the longest-running family-owned meat processor & exporter in Australia under one line of management. Experience in worldwide and domestic markets gives John Dee the ability to understand customer requirements in all markets. Its processing plant is located in Warwick, Queensland, ideally situated on the Darling Downs, just two hours from the port of Brisbane with ready access to prime Southern Downs and New England Tableland cattle. Its operations are ... perations are supported by the company's "Yarranbrook" feedlot situated on 13,200 hectares near Inglewood - one hour west of Warwick. Four generations of experience in the beef industry mean John Dee is a trusted name in cattle husbandry, feed lotting, and grain feed development. Coupled with a commitment to safety, the environment, and compliance to DA (AQIS) and HALAL requirements, John Dee is a modern, internationally recognized brand that is shaping the next generation of global beef supply. Truly a heritage of fine beef.

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