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Brand el pozo
Country of Origin Spain


Paprika Iberico Salami. Typical Spanish sausage specialty made from Iberico pork. Air-dried and refined with hot paprika. The typical red color is caused by the paprika powder. Smoked or raw in various shapes and thicknesses, chorizo ​​is produced in all regions of Spain.


Make a chorizo sandwich or sprinkle liberally on pizza for a meaty kick. Enjoy the chorizo ​​at a tapas evening or as finger food. Also ideal for refining pasta dishes or soups.


Uom piece
Weight/unit 200 g
Packaging Pack
Number of units/carton 10


El Pozo Alimentación is a leader in the production of meat-based food solutions, committed to its consumers and clients, as well as innovation and cutting edge technology. Its origins can be found in 1934 with modest butchers and charcuterie store located in the El Pozo Plaza in Alhama de Murcia, hence the name of the company. Today ElPozo Alimentación S.A. employs over 3500 employees at its modern manufacturing facility. They are the favorite brand of Spanish households since four out of five consume their products. With more than 60 years of history, it is present in 80 countries worldwide. It ... od, fresh meat as well as processed and cured products. With a philosophy of continuous improvement, it dedicates a large part of our resources to the research and development of balanced and nutritional food.

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