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Brand legado iberico
Country of Origin Spain


“One of the finest hams in the world, this sweet, nutty, and not too salty ham melts in your mouth and makes a great antipasto. Made from Iberico pigs and aged for 24 to 36 months. The curing process imparts a subtly sweet aroma yet intense flavour that holds its own against strong foods and wines. Ready skinned and boned, this Jamon Iberico makes for easy slicing.

✅ Gluten-free
✅ Keep Chilled”


Try a few slices with your favorite red wine and rich goat cheese. Place some cut tomatoes on a toast, place the ham on the top, and drizzle with olive oil.


Type of charcuterie Ham
Meat variety Pork
Unit of measure kg
Weight/unit 4.5 kg
Packaging Vacuum Pack
Number of units/carton 2 Pieces

ABOUT THE BRAND: legado iberico

Legado Iberico by El Pozo Alimentacion is the leader in Spain’s Iberian market. They breed their own Iberian livestock and develop exclusive feeds rich in oleic acid so that their animals have the optimal diet. They monitor every aspect of the development of its young animals on its farms. Legado Iberico combines traditional preparation methods with innovation as a result of constant research, control of all processes from the source, and a commitment to excellence and knowledge of taste to obtain a product that meets the expectations that it promises, a rich and pleasant experience that everyone will enjoy. ...

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