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Brand la leyenda
Country of Origin Spain


Buffalo milk is much more concentrated than cow’s milk. You need 15 liters of cow’s milk and 10 liters of buffalo milk to make the same amount of cheese.
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Buffalo cheese is a great melting cheese. It can be used grated or sliced to top pizza and pasta, in fact, any recipe which requires a toasted cheese topping. It can be used in salads and sandwiches, or as an addition to other cheeses on a cheeseboard.


Type of cheese Semi-hard
Milk variety Buffalo's Milk
Unit of measure kg
Weight/unit Approx 3 kg
Packaging Vacuum-packed Wheel
Number of units/carton 1 Wheel

ABOUT THE BRAND: la leyenda

La Leyenda is the line of Iberian Cheese and Sheep Cheese by Spanish Cheese S.L. The Iberian Cheese is cured from one to nine months and is made with pasteurized cow, sheep, and goat milk with a wide variety of intensities in terms of flavour and aroma depending on its curing. On the other hand, the incomparable range of Sheep Cheese is a collection of unique and exclusive products. Established in 1996 at Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha region, by Consorcio Albatrade S.L. Manchega. Its collaboration with Mantequerias Arias, S.A. and Union Quesera Manchega, S.A. that certifies Manchego Denomination of Origin has ... foundation and worldwide recognition in the cheese export market. In 2002, it was formally named Spanish Cheese, S.L. and now exports to 50 countries worldwide.

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