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Brand vaubernier
Country of Origin France


Deliciously soft, velvety cheese with a mild, nutty flavor and creamy texture. It has white mould and creamy interior. Its centre is silky and seriously buttery. A crowd favourite!


Brie is a versatile cheese that pairs well with a variety of foods, including fruits, nuts, bread, and crackers. It can also be used in a range of dishes, from salads and sandwiches to pastries and quiches. Pair Brie with white Burgundy, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or Champagne.


Type of cheese Soft White Rind
Milk variety Cow's Milk
Uom kg
Weight/unit 3 kg
Packaging Wrapped with wax paper
Number of units/carton 1

ABOUT THE BRAND: vaubernier

Vaubernier is a family-run business based in the Mayenne countryside in France. With a rich history of cheese making, they are one of the leading producers of high-quality Brie cheese. Vaubernier prioritizes the quality of their cheese, starting with the quality of their milk collected daily from 195 local farmers who follow good agricultural practices. Their commitment to tradition combined with modern expertise ensures that their Brie cheese is of the highest quality. Vaubernier's cheeses are perfect for restaurants, hotel buffets, and delicatessens or as a stunning centerpiece for any occasion. ...

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