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Brand koylum
Country of Origin Turkey


“Creamy, full-cream unsalted butter with absolutely NO preservatives, additives, or flavouring. Koylum butter originates from the Aegean region of Turkey where cows graze in fertile meadows and rich grazing lands and a climate that encompasses four seasons. All that goodness find its way into the all-natural milk, which is matured to allow its full flavour to develop before churning. The result is a tangy, nutty, and supple butter – bold enough to go straight on plain bread, but also perfect for aspiring pastry chefs.

✅ HALAL Certified
✅ Keep Chilled”


Brown it to strengthen and enrich the flavour of any dish. Perfect for meat dishes, pastries, and meaty or vegetable dishes. Swirl it with yogurt, or use it to finish a tomato sauce, where the nutty richness balances the acidity. Also great for baking and as a breakfast spread.


Milk variety Cow's Milk
Unit of measure Piece
Weight/unit 200 g
Packaging Heat-sealed Pouch
Number of units/carton 45


Köylüm, is one of the prominent dairy brands in Turkey. It prides itself on using only the highest milk quality from big milk farms with strict quality standards. Established in 1938 where it produced regional cheese from sheep and goat milk in the spring, Koylum eventually had three different creameries working seasonally in three different villages. Production was consolidated in Alaşehir, Manisa, which operates throughout the year. ...

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