Greisinger Wins Gold Awards and “PRODUKT“ Champion 2021

In 2021, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) Test Center for Food has awarded the Austrian Company Greisinger – with 21 gold medals for outstanding product quality.

As part of the international quality testing for ham and sausage, the excellent quality of products made by Greisinger was more than obvious. The main element was a sensory evaluation of meat products which includes raw material selection, production technology, and recipes. Furthermore, packaging and identification tests, (laboratory) analysis, and the expiration date played a fundamental role. Short and sweet: Product quality: Excellent. Hedonic Value: Top!

The entire purchasing and production procedure are subjected to stringent hygiene and quality criteria from the raw material to the final product. Whether it be from processing through to packaging, the distance covered by the finished product to the loading ramp, and then into the cold storage vehicle, the Quality Assurance process can be retraced step by step without any difficulty – right through to the guaranteed “just-in-time” supply of the products. 

Permanent product safety testing via the tried-and-tested HACCP system and the annual IFS audit confirm adherence to the stringent quality criteria in formal terms. Other international standards such as BRC or the Din Gost TÜV Certification resp. TRTS 022/2011 in accordance with the Russian Federation, as well as veterinarian accreditations to Hongkong, Vietnam, Canada, and product registrations in Thailand and India complement the extensive portfolio of Greisinger’s quality philosophy.

Date: 2021


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